Time & Attendance

The Time-Saving, Game Changing Choice

The Ideal Online Time and Attendance Solution.  Many businesses have an issue with wasted labor time, calling for a solution to track time with ease and accuracy.  That solution is Payroll Vault Timekeeper - our online time and attendance service for businesses of all sizes.  Timekeeper offers the convenience of web-based access and the familiarity of a conventional time clock for simple and fast data collection.  Even better, because Timekeeper is an online solution, there is no software to install or maintain. 

Payroll Vault Timekeeper was designed with you in mind - the busy business owner.  The system is highly intuitive, so it can be setup within seconds and makes a simple task of editing data.  Consider the ease of the timekeeping process:

  • Punches are collected by time clock
  • Punches are sent to the web (in real time or nightly)
  • Supervisor edits data online
  • Data is approved and sent for payroll processing

It's really that simple!

The Value of Timekeeper.

With Payroll Vault Timkeeper, the cost and time savings are significant.  Consider the value our online timekeeping solution offers:

  • Control and reduce labor costs.  Online technology allows you to capture all time on and off  the clock with ease.  No more estimated time punches.
  • Eliminate Human Calculation Error.  The rate of human error is estimated at between 1%  and 8%.  By reducing or eliminating error, you will save thousands of dollars in erroneous wages paid.
  • Eliminate Manual Time Card Preparation.  The average payroll clerk spends seven minutes  per time card each pay period, which equates to hundreds of hours per year.  Lose this added cost.
  • Enjoy a Completely digital and Streamlined Payroll Process.  Using an online solution supports a paperless end-to-end workflow.
  • Stay Compliant with the Department of Labor.  Timekeeper offers an electronic audit trail of all activity for proper reporting.
  • Enjoy the Convenience of Our WebClock Portal and Employee Status App for iPhone and Android.
Free yourself from tiresome and time-consuming payroll chores!


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