HR Services

Your Personal Service Center to Support Complex HR Requirements.

Human Resources (HR) issues can be complex and time-consuming.  As a business owner, it's likely that you don't have the extra time to spend handling HR tasks and ensuring compliance.  That's why Payroll Vault Central Indiana offers HR outsourcing solutions. 

Our HR Support option offers a service center to support your common human resources needs. And you can rest easy knowing that the service center is managed by expert HR professionals - meaning that you are always in good hands.  Within the service center, you have full access to a myriad of HR information, including sample job descriptions and interview questions; discipline templates; tips on hiring and terminating employees; multiple flow charts, checklists, and step-by-step process documents; real-time answers; and more.

The Value of HR Support. By outsourcing human resources administration, you will not only free up your valuable time, but also protect your business.  To date, there are thousands of state and local HR-related codes and employment regulations. Your human resources specialist will ensure that you are in compliance. Consider all the value of our HR Support service:


  • Ensures that you have an HR expert on hand to support your needs everyday.
  • Provides you with timely, accurate content for all your needs, including job description samples, procedural documents, and more.
  • Offers you peace of mind knowing that your HR work is being handled appropriately to meet compliance regulations and codes.
  • Offers a dedicated, reliable source to hand over time-consuming and detailed HR work.


Our goal is to help you achieve success.  Free yourself to invest more time in growing your business.

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