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You Didn't Start a Business So You Could Do Payroll.

Nobody starts a business because they love doing payroll.  No one.  Yet over half of all business owners lose up to a full day or more every month on payroll.  Is that really the best use of your time?  If you got that one day a month back, what else could you get done?

Affordable Expertise.  Led by payroll expert Debra Schill, CPA, Payroll Vault offers you affordable payroll expertise.  We keep up with every regulation and tax ruling so you don't have to.  And we handle everything for you, from regular payroll processing to quarterly and annual returns.  Considering what peace of mind is worth, as well as the cost of the time you spend on payroll now, Payroll Vault Central Indiana is an extraordinary value for companies like yours.  It's your worry-free solution.

Individual Attention.  Unlike large payroll services  providers, we're exactly the right size to handle everything for you and to respond quickly when you need us - something the big boys just can't do.  As a Payroll Vault client, you will work closely with your dedicated payroll expert to ensure your business has the most efficient system in place for stress-free, compliant payroll processing.

Our client dedicated, expert payroll specialists support you with:

  • Compliance standards
  • Updates to tax deductions
  • Year-end documentation
  • Responding to payroll-related requests from the IRS
  • IRS Forms
Let us relieve you of the worry and time of handling payroll!


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