Weather, disease, or any natural disaster can wreak all sorts of havoc on families, communities, and even nations. When disaster strikes, we want you to rest assured that your payroll will not be interrupted. 


Payroll Vault is designed for resilience. Every employee at Payroll Vault South Central Indiana is equipped with technology to work remotely, when going to our office is not an option. We test this regularly by allowing employees to work offsite due to a sick child, severe weather, or other concerns that might need to be tended to elsewhere; all while maintaining high levels of information security. 


As an example, during times when we had to travel for conference meetings, much of our payroll processing was done from a hotel room and it did not disturb the process at all.



Our phone system is also designed to withstand working remotely. It’s internet based and employees can log in to send and receive phone calls, texts, and faxes on the same numbers you use to contact us regularly. At times when you have called, you may have been talking to us on our cell phones and didn’t even know it.


We tell you all of this to say, “we’ve got your back”. There are far too many other things to worry about right now. Don’t let payroll be one of them. Rest easy knowing that we will be able to continue processing payroll for your company in all the days to come.