How Could my Small Business Benefit from a Local Payroll Service

May 28th email campaign  


Payroll Vault – South Central Indiana is a proud local provider of Payroll and HR Services. When business owners start thinking about scaling and accelerating their businesses, they have to choose between a large national provider or a smaller local provider to ensure they are implementing and executing the best payroll practices.


We found 3 main reasons why small business owners benefit from choosing a local provider. Do you agree?


1. Customer Service

Many national providers are unable to provide personalized service with a dedicated professional. This often translates into poor customer service. The lack of personalized assistance can lead to compliance issues, outdated payroll practices, or lack of knowledge in emerging technology or industry standards.


Luckily, we provide our clients with a dedicated Payroll Specialist ready to help and answer questions accurately and promptly.


2. Accuracy

With larger providers there is a lack of urgency when oversights occur. In addition, it can take a myriad of phone calls and navigating troublesome phone systems to reach a representative.


By working with a local firm, you are able to reach your specialist directly who already has the flexibility to assist with your needs. Your specialist will also be familiar with your business, so the time spent resolving any error(s) can be dramatically reduced.


3. Change

Small businesses constantly change as they grow and scale. Even though national providers may offer packaged bundles, they don’t always allow you to modify your agreements and will usually charge hidden fees). 


Working with a local payroll provider will allow you the flexibility and unique tailoring needed for your growing business.


If you have any questions regarding Payroll Services providers, feel free to call and schedule a FREE consultation or contact me from Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm at 812-200-2867.


Brittany Marshall

Payroll Specialist